Sheer Bliss…Dom

by Mary Anne on February 3, 2011

Oh hai!    That sappy person that posted earlier in the week is gone and I am back in all my snarktastic glory!     I was going to post pictures during Blissdom but after trying for hours and not getting a signal I gave up.   Not because I don’t care, but because it was happy hour.  Come on people, you know I have my priorities. 

The first night was the kickoff party, I did not, repeat….did not…embarass myself.   Well not much anyway.

Here’s my Chicky….Domestic Chicky,my roomie from last year.  She’s still speaking to me!

Speaking of  last year, my favorite new find then was Sarah from Saving for Someday…love her.

This year, I was asked to be a Tribe Leader.   I KNOW. My tribe was “No Niche”…you know, the people who run around in circles on their blogs wearing feathers and spandex….feathers optional, spandex not.   While I was hosting my tribe I met this hysterical woman:

Meet Lynn from All Fooked Up.

Okay, let’s stop for a moment here and discuss her because I think I’m obsessed with her.  You should love her just for that name, right?  Right.   Here’s one more little thing to love.   Lynn walks up, introduces herself to me and immediately busts out with a question.   “Let me ask you, if you were at a table, and on that table there was a plate of M&M’s….wouldn’t you think it was okay to eat them?” And of course I said yes, because in my world food on display = buffet opportunity.   Apparently not at the crafting tribe table.   Lynn had a big ‘ol mouthful of M&M’s when one of the craft people looked over and said, Ummmm….those were for a craft later….Whoops.

But look and tell me you wouldn’t go there…

Love her.  You know who else I love?  Rachel from A Southern Fairy Tale,  my Texas home girl who was the very first person I ever met at Blissdom 2.    Trust me when I tell you that you will go long and far to find a more enthusiastic, supportive and loving friend:

Also?  She is about to be famous…she has her own cooking show on The Motherhood!  Want to cook some tasty dishes?  Join her and learn about how she cooks up the most tasty dishes (trust me, I’ve tried them!)  hereCon Agra Foods are bringing us some amazing bloggers with great home cooking this year and I am so proud of Rachel for being selected!

Speaking of famous, let’s talk for a minute about Catherine from Her Bad Mother.   She’s big time.   And you know what?  She’s one of  the nicest people you will ever meet in real life.  I was so scared the first time I walked up to her and introduced myself at Blissdom 2….and BlogHer Chicago…well and on twitter and commenting on her blog…the list goes on and on.  But she is so normal and real.    And also, a giver of great hugs.  I love her.

Speaking of girls I love, do y’all know April from April’s Little Family?   She was one of the first people I started talking to in Google chat and we formed a great friendship over beer and wine (when she wasn’t pregnant of course…).    Almost three years later, I finally got to meet her and give her my trademark bear hug….she had been warned in advance.

Look at those baby blues!  What is that you say?  This picture looks better than the rest?  Oh, that’s because Julie from Angry Julie took it.  She’s way better than me. 

While on the subject of baby blues, do you know Chris Mann?  Because I do.  And OMG….I love this guy.   I didn’t get to hear him sing this time but I did get the chance to run up to him, proclaim myself in cougar love with him and still…he didn’t run screaming into the night!   He posed for a picture with me and even kissed me on the cheek.   Well, after I kissed him on the cheek, but whatever.


Okay but for one minute, let’s talk about how I went there with no intention of self promotion and it happened anyway.   First of all, I was on the cover of the guide.  I’ll spare you the picture but tell you the same picture ended up on some paper plates for a snack break the last day.   I walked in, saw the plates and immediately SQUEEEEEED, grabbed a stack and ran out.   Here’s the issue though, when you are a face on a paper plate that is holding chips and salsa?   You may very well end up looking like a gun shot victim.  Witness:

In all honesty?   I probably deserve a gunshot wound to the head for the drivel I subject you people to on a weekly basis.  But really…I was sort of thrilled to see the plates.  It was super cool.  And bonus points!  My kids are excited to eat the slop I pass off as food as long as they can smear it all over my face.   Love it.

Thank you Blissdom for a much needed getaway.  Thank you to my old friends who have been such an amazing support system to me over the years.   And thank you to my new friends who were kind enough to come up and introduce themselves to me.   There was not a single person at this conference I was not happy to see or meet.

Most of all, thank you to Alli, Barbara, Paula and everyone that made it possible.   You made one working girl’s week so much brighter.  I love y’all for it.

Until next year,


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{ 12 comments… read them below or add one }

1 Sara at Saving For Someday February 3, 2011 at 10:00 pm

I’m so glad you were able to work your schedule so you could attend Blissdom. I loved seeing you and am grateful for your kindness and friendship.
Sara at Saving For Someday´s last blog ..20 Barnes &amp Noble Gift Card for 10 via GrouponMy ComLuv Profile

2 Michele February 4, 2011 at 5:22 am

Thank you so much for encouraging me to go and for allowing me to be your roomie. It was great! I loved the plates and was proud to eat off your face…WAIT! That totally didn’t come out right.
Michele´s last blog ..My Misspent Youth – girl scout camp seemed innocent enoughMy ComLuv Profile

3 Sprite's Keeper February 4, 2011 at 6:08 am

Actually, Michele, the comment was perfect. :-)
Now, I’m a little confused. Where were the cliques? The dominating big name bloggers who create their own kingdoms? The streakers? The drunken parties making for cruel gossip the next morning?
This was a BLOGGING conference, right? :-)
Sprite’s Keeper´s last blog ..Pretend its December 26th just humor meMy ComLuv Profile

4 Janie February 4, 2011 at 6:30 am

Wow, that sounds like fun!

Someday I’m gonna get to ditch oil and gas conferences for blogger conferences.

I swear.

Janie´s last blog ..Zack The Wonderdog – Stitches- Take TwoMy ComLuv Profile

5 Living the Balanced Life February 4, 2011 at 8:03 am

Loved this post! So sad we did not meet at Blissdom. Loved the conference, but wish there was someway to make it around to everybody! Maybe another year!
For now, I’ll be a faithful follower!
Living the Balanced Life´s last blog ..A break from our regularly scheduled programming…My ComLuv Profile

6 Lynn MacDonald (All Fooked Up) February 4, 2011 at 8:25 am

First, I absolutely loved meeting you. Second, I’m pavlovian and m&m’s are my trigger, and third POOL PARTY at my house this summer! You, me, Vodamom, Grey Goose and M&M’s!

K, I’m done
Lynn MacDonald (All Fooked Up)´s last blog ..In which i have the best birds and bees conversation EVER aka Tucker and the TurkeyMy ComLuv Profile

7 Jenny Viars February 4, 2011 at 9:05 am

I can’t believe that it’s already been a full week since we were at Blissdom. Craziness.
Jenny Viars´s last blog ..SundayMy ComLuv Profile

8 Beth February 4, 2011 at 1:55 pm

I will check out your group of friends, as I am sure they are all a hoot!
Beth´s last blog ..The Valentines Day DilemnaMy ComLuv Profile

9 Elaine February 4, 2011 at 8:21 pm

I’m laughing SO hard at the story about the M&M’s. I like to craft but I would SO be eatin’ those babies too! HA HA HA! Great pics and a great time, although sorry we did not get one together this time! Maybe next year… :) Hope you’re staying warm…
Elaine´s last blog ..Somethings Got to GiveMy ComLuv Profile

10 Cassie February 4, 2011 at 8:44 pm

You do have a picture of us with salsa covering our faces! LOVE!
Cassie´s last blog ..On Being FlawlessMy ComLuv Profile

11 MommyNamedApril February 7, 2011 at 8:00 am

awwww, luff. hey, where’s my link? (((sob)))

it was really awesome meeting you – next time we’ll actually have to sit down and chatter for a bit :-)
MommyNamedApril´s last blog ..Are You Ready for Some FOOTBALL!!!!My ComLuv Profile

12 Jennie @ Modern Mamaz February 7, 2011 at 1:58 pm

I need to make some plates just like that with my face on them! Maybe, just maybe, my kid will eat something that even somewhat resembles the color green. Maybe.
Jennie @ Modern Mamaz´s last blog ..Up Mike’s Hiney to See the SunriseMy ComLuv Profile

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