At Least He Knows What He Got Himself Into Now

by Mary Anne on March 14, 2010

Oh my.   Where have I been for a week?

Well,  my new boss came into town last week. I was very focused on getting ready for his visit. Back to back client meetings set up? Check. Presentation materials adequately prepared? Check. Crushed up goldfish crackers and empty juice boxes removed from car? Check. Diva attitude checked at the door?

Yeah, well about that….

The first day went off without a hitch. Weather was gorgeous and I had on a kicky little dress and black patten boots to brace for any unexpected weather. (You in the back with the quizzical look on your face? This is important info…part of the plot line.) (Also, stop laughing at my use of “plot line”.)

The second day however the weather got the best of my resolve to remain in the diva free zone. I didn’t check the weather before I got dressed and bolted out the door to pick my boss up. On the way downtown, I noticed some bothersome clouds in the sky but didn’t give it much thought. After parking the car and walking through downtown to our appointment, I couldn’t ignore it anymore…it was going to rain and I had left my umbrella in the car. So I did what any respectful new employee in very high heels would do, I handed my boss the car key and asked him to go back for it.

Yep, sure did.

Now this isn’t something I’d pull with just any boss. You have to size ‘em up first and make sure they are super nice, which he is. You also have to actually be wearing extremely high heels making it a slower process for you to trot back to the car. I’d give this one an 8 on the diva difficulty scale.

However, I’m never satisfied with staying at the same difficulty level. I like to take my game up a notch or two whenever possible so while we were waiting in the conference room on the 27th floor watching giant black clouds full of rain roll in, the conversation went something like this:

TSM: “Wow, I picked the wrong day to wear python shoes.”
Boss: “Those are python?”
TSM: **stares at shoes with worrisome look**
Boss: **at this point possibly wondering why he chose TSM**
TSM: “Well yes, and they are not shoes, they are Choos.”
Boss: “Shoes.”
Boss: **at this point DEFINITELY wondering why he chose TSM**

We got through the meeting and a down pore started just as we were leaving the building. My new boss was kind enough to get the umbrella out that he had gotten for us earlier, but I was still thinking of my Choos. No way was I taking those python babies out in the rain. Tell me you would play it differently:

At this point, I went ahead and took the diva factor straight up to a ten. We were on a parking meter that was about to run out of time but it was seriously raining.   Decisions had to be made.   Risks had to be taken.   Shoes had to be saved.     So given the choice of manning up and walking through the rain to avoid the meter running out and getting a ticket or making us sit it out in Einstein Bagels to save the shoes?

I chose bagels and the parking ticket.

And amazingly enough, while $35 poorer but still with the Choos intact,  I am still employed today.


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