Happy Birthday Blog!

Dear Blog,

Happy Birthday!

This weekend you turned one year old. I can’t help but notice that there are so many similarities between you and the two actual humans I birthed…the noteable exception being that you have been much more labor intensive.

First of all, I have never since been as nervous about putting something out there for the world to get to know. I was nervous for you to show up. You are the ultimate extension of me outside of those two humans I had many years ago. Would people like you? Would they be mean to you? Or would you fit in? Jury is still out on that one but for the most part, all my worry has been for naught thus far.

You were born on August 1st. Leading up to your birth, I fretted over your name. Whatever I was going to call you would be your handle so to speak for the rest of your life. Would the other bloggers think you were too bitchy? Too Stiletto’y? Too….snotty? But then I remembered you are part of me and I am bitchy, stiletto’y and snotty and I’ve gotten along okay in this world and assumed you would too.

After you were born, much like my children, you kept me up all night. You would wake me up at 3:00 in the morning with thoughts that needed to be written on you. You would scream in my head until I answered and dragged myself out of bed to my keyboard, only to face a full work day at 7:00 am. There were nights when I wondered why on earth I came up with the crazy idea to have you in the first place.

You’ve caused some chaos in this house as well. The Man often wonders why I spend so much time with you at night. I tell him it’s because you are young and someday, maybe, you’ll amount to something if I pay enough attention to you. The good news is The Man is always supportive of my thoughts and dreams and he has since gotten fully on board with how much work it is to nurture you. He’s a keeper.

You walked early. Around one month, you started making some friends, and they were very nice friends, all of them. I was proud of you. You found some really nice blogs to be friends with and as your author, I was so proud of you. We are still friends with those blogs to this day and I am eternally thankful to you for introducing me to people outside my normal sphere. Diversity in friendships is good, you taught me to go outside my comfort zone, something that outside of work, I had perhaps not been the best at before.

At six months, you demanded I take you to a play date in Nashville called Blissdom. I was so scared but I wanted to do it for you. I didn’t know a single person there but in the end you were right. That play date changed my life because I met friends that I hope we can keep forever. Some have opened a million doors for me, some make me laugh on an almost daily basis, some have showed me how to embrace the joy of life and not be ashamed of being deeply happy in the spot that I occupy here in my little corner of the world.

Now at 1 year old, a decent amount of people know of you and read you on a semi-regular basis. I’d like to thank you for bringing us together. The people I have met through you are amazing and my life would probably be a whole lot smaller for not having known them.

So Happy First Birthday Blog, thank you so much for the world you introduced me to and may you continue to thrive into the toddler years. Now make a wish and blow out the candle…

Much love,


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  1. Captain Dumbass said:

    Happy Birthday, Blog! You had a great first year.

  2. Vered - Blogger for Hire said:

    Happy Blog Birthday! Quite an accomplishment.

  3. Kate Coveny Hood said:

    Aw – happy birthday blog! I am a bad mom – I did nothing to acknowledge my blog’s first birthday… Maybe she’ll forgive me if I get her a car for her 16th.

  4. Pseudo said:

    Happy birthday blog. Loved this post, well done.

  5. Kathy said:

    Happy Birthday!! Blog wow I hope you had your cake and ate it too!

  6. stoneskin said:

    Sorry blog, I forgot your birthday. Although to be fair, I have enough trouble remembering my own birthday, and the birthdays of family and friends, let alone the birthdays of blogs I read, but I hope you aren’t too upset.

  7. the mayor said:

    Happy birthday on a full year of blogging. I am almost there too. The best part IS the regular circle of readers who seem like such fun people, good people. One day I’m coming to Texas and we will gather up Lawyer Mom and The mother and have us a sit down.

    Here’s to continued blogging growth and success to all of us.

  8. Michele said:

    Happy Belated Birthday Blog. I wish you many more.

  9. Yvonne Moss said:

    May I say contrats to the proud momma. Her blog baby is lovely. And represents how I feel about my own baby, only 5 months old.

  10. Deemarie said:

    Happy Birthday, TSM Blog!!! I’m so happy our blogs became friends… And we got to become friends too!! :)

  11. michele renee said:

    Happy b-day blog! You’re a wonderful addition tot he world!

  12. michele renee said:

    OK, that’s to the world…..

  13. Maureen at IslandRoar said:

    At 3 months into blogging, a year seems far off! I was just writing a post this w/e about how I feel like I’ve given birth…
    Congrats on a great year!

  14. The Peach Tart said:

    Happy Blogging Birthday Stiletto Mom and to many more posts.

  15. Sprite's Keeper said:

    Ah, Mazel Tov on such an ospicious birthday! I would love to see the pictures of the smash cake on this one! Much love to TSM and her mother!

  16. foradifferentkindofgirl (fakdog) said:

    Happy blogging birthday to you! Well done!

  17. Pseudo said:

    FYI. Loved this post so much I put it under the sunset over at my place.

  18. MoxieMamaKC said:

    Happy, Happy Birthday! Keep up the fabulous work!

  19. tysdaddy said:

    The Cheek of God here, and, from one blog to another, Happy Birthday! I’m glad I met you a few weeks back. We are different, but we play together nicely. And I dig that . . .

  20. DCUrbanDad said:

    Happy Birthday. What did you get – maybe some of these – http://www.christianlouboutin.com/

  21. Janna said:

    I feel like a bad Mom, I don’t even remember my blog’s birthday.
    Happy Birthday Blog!

  22. Suzy Voices said:

    Happy Birthday!! I loved this so much. You’ve accomplished quite a lot in one year. I’ve only been around for a couple of months, and I hope to be as good as you someday!

  23. Casey said:

    Awww, happy bloggy birthday! Your blog is only a few weeks older than mine, they should totally have a play date.

  24. Keely said:

    Aw! Happy birthday Blog! Don’t let it eat the cake though. I hear you’ll never get it back on a proper diet again if you allow that.

  25. Brenda-SeriouslyMama said:

    Happy Birthday!! Cheers to a great 2nd year!

  26. bex said:

    aw! you are such a sweet bloggy mama. me? i hardly give a second glance at whether this is the 100th post or 1 year or whatever. above all else- no one can ever question your creativity. you got it!

  27. Ally B said:

    Happy Birthday, Blog!! Congrats on meeting your first birthday. I know it is the first in a long line of many birthdays!
    Love you!!

  28. steenky bee said:

    Oh honey, wait until this sucker hit’s the terrible two’s. I’m at the tail end of those now. It’s difficult that year. The blog begins to rebel, gets a mind of it’s own and sadly, get’s the neighbor’s dog pregnant. True story. So glad I met you early!

  29. Winter said:

    Did you breast feed the whole year? Way to go blog! No wonder you’re so big and strong!

  30. MommyNamedApril said:

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappy Birthday!!! mine’s coming up next week :-) time sure does fly!!!

  31. blissfully caffeinated said:

    Congrats on the year! I’m so glad you are here. Love ya!

  32. anita tedaldi said:

    Happy birthday!
    Enjoy your blog and hope it has many years ahead :)

  33. Closed Caption said:

    Congrats. Happy blogaversary.

  34. Gotchy said:

    I can’t even remember what you were like before TSM!
    Congratulations :)

  35. Connie @ Young and Relentless said:

    Wow! One year old! Happy Birthday!

  36. Shannon said:

    Happy Birthday TSM Blog! I love you! You have made it so easy for me to reach such depths in my sweet sister’s soul. To get such insight, many many late nights on the porch would have been required. Do you realize the number of bottles of wine you saved me? Ultimately, the cost of a trip to The Betty? THANK YOU TSM Blog!! I LOVE you too Mary Anne!

  37. jessica said:

    Phoebe wants ur. Log to know her birthday is Aug2. Happy birthday stiletto blog. B ig kisses and hugs bc ur mom is incredible

  38. Ann said:

    How could one year go by so quickly?

    Your post has made me think of my blog is a whole different way.

    Happy 1st year!!!

  39. brian P said:

    And unlike school (at least my school), you get to meet people from all over the country!!

    congrats to your fun blog baby!!!

  40. vodkamom said:

    Happy Birthday my love…………

  41. Becky said:

    Yay! Happy Birthday, TSM! I want to pinch your chubby one-year-old cheeks!

  42. Virgo Momma said:

    Happy Birthday TSM Blog! I remember when you were just a twinkle in mamma’s eye.

  43. Elisa said:

    Happy Birthday blog! You should know there’s lots of people who love you in the world (blogosphere) and you’ll never be alone – you’ll always have someone to play with! Happy birthday, and many more!

  44. Amo said:

    I’ve only known you for 6 months, but it feels like years thanks to this space. Your year-old blog has become a space for me to unwind, a spot to say as I feel and most importantly, somewhere for me to embarrass the hell out of you for all your readers.

    Thank you, blog. Happy Birthday. (Just wait until you get in your teen years and I tell you all about your mom and I and all the ‘JoAnne’s that have crossed our paths.)

  45. Meli said:

    Happy Birthday TSM Blog!

    Your first year was awesome and I am looking forward to many, many more posts.

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