BlogHer Post 3: The One About Bowling, Gang Wars And A Cool Chick Named Poppy Buxom

So here we are at the end of the week and guess what? We are also at the end of my BlogHer posts. See? Everything ends eventually if you just have the perserverance to endure it. Your mental strength this week in getting through stories about poodles, cockatoos and Bad Naked deserve some type of award. I mean, I’m not getting you one but you might tell your friends about your bravery and see if they will. Just a thought.

All in all, I’d have to say BlogHer was a great experience. There was a whole lot of good, and a rather large bad. I pretty much got out of it exactly what I wanted, to see some old friends and meet new ones. The highlight of the entire weekend was Saturday which was by far the most fun day of all.

We started with a group dinner, please don’t even get me started on how delicious the fried Gnocci Literal Dan’s wife ordered…see him back in the corner? BRAVE MAN to go out with all these crazy women.


Meet my fabulous roomies….Jen from Sprite’s Keeper and Mary from Unmitigated. I am totally in love with them both and plan to find other events where I stalk them. Not one moment of drama in our room and they both put up with the incredible mess I made changing outfits eleventy million times…Ladies, I adore you both.


After dinner, we headed over to BowlHer where Anna from abdpbt and I decided to start a bloggy war. Here Anna is doing her finest Tupac imitation and I’m doing my best Biggie Boobs. Anna was the first person I didn’t know to comment on my blog and meeting her was a thrill. Still, a bloggy war is a bloggy war and I’m totally going to kick her ass.


Next up was the best and most wonderful part of the entire BlogHer whirlwind, a party at Poppy Buxom’s apartment. Can I tell you how much I love me some Poppy? CAN I? Oh, sorry didn’t mean to yell. I just get all excited when the topic is Poppy…she brings that out in people. Poppy, THANK YOU for giving me an evening I won’t ever forget…brace yourself for a tackle hug at Blissdom ‘10.


Speaking of women I love, here is Stephanie Elliot from Manic Mommy with two of my other roomies, Jill from Shopgirl’s Blog and Mandee from My Life In A Nutshell. And yes, I am in love with all three of them as well….see a pattern forming?


Of course Jen was there too (if you are asking Jen who?…the door is over there…don’t let it hit you in the ass on the way out…) so I had to throw myself on her. Honesty, she puts up with way too much from me and I have no idea why.


Also, you should know that on this trip, I took my stalking to an entirely new level and managed to harass Jen’s husband Fletch as well. In the first picture, I think he was really wondering how to get away from me but then someone yelled, “Give up, she never leaves…” and I think he came to terms with my hugging problem which honestly was his best and only option. Next up, I’m planning to find a way to have my picture taken with Maisy, their pit bull. She will no doubt have the same reaction.



After that, Alli and I decided the best thing would be to decorate Fletch with a pink feather boa because, well…I don’t really know why we did that to be honest.

Speaking of Alli, here she is with me and none other than Vodka Mom. People I’m in love. (I fell in love a lot on this trip…) Vodka Mom is every bit as warm, wonderful, charming and FUNNY as I thought she’d be. Also she is so tiny she is almost purse sized which really made me think about putting her in my carry on and taking her home with me.


…and last of all, meet my friend Amy from Outdoor Dogs. When we first saw each other we did one of those running hugs you see in commercials? Yeah, well I forgot how tall she is and I face planted directly into the middle of her chest. (Note to all readers: My husband will think that’s hot.) Look at that smile, you can see how happy and funny she is and why it’s so easy to adore her.


So there you have it….BlogHer in three lengthy, bloviated succinct posts.

God, I’m tired….someone get me a drink.

Update: Just got this video from I can’t honestly say I saw all of this but it is a pretty acurate representation of the tweets…and, it is VERY funny…check it out…sense of humor, people…sense of humor.

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  1. Pseudo said:

    You love a lot of the bloggers I read and love. I’m going to follow your links to the ones I don’t know.

    Thanks for making us feel like we were there.

  2. Deemarie said:

    I love them all too. Every name you dropped (and there were many!!) Why didn’t we just pack up Vodka mom? She was so dang adorable!!
    Love you much and can’t wait to see you again (BlissDom?!? :) )

  3. anita tedaldi said:

    Too bad I didn’t get to meet you in person! I would have loved to :)
    I roomed with my five kids and sitter! It was tough but worth it.

  4. So Not Mom-a-licious said:

    Glad you had a great time and got out of it what you wanted. That is the most important part of it all!

  5. pamela said:

    Clearly, I need to get out more.
    For real.

    And I’m starting tomorrow. I’m going out with only 25% of my children, and I’m getting a bad ass hair cut.

  6. Keely said:


    I knew you’d be the life of the party :)

  7. LiteralDan said:

    Just remembering that food makes me think we’ll be heading back to Quartino’s sooner rather than later.

    Seeing all your pictures makes me wish we’d taken a lot more (than the handful we took when we remembered to) to document all this madness. I hope everyone comes back again in 2011 or 2012. Is that selfish of me?

  8. Michele said:

    We’re going to have to work on the anti-hugging problem you’ve got there. LOL!

  9. abdpbt said:

    Why you baggin’, Biggie? I showed my husband that picture and he said, “Uh, you weren’t drinking while you were there, were you?” I said no, as usual I’m high on life.

  10. OHmommy said:

    It was so nice to meet you in person!

  11. MaNiC MoMMy said:

    God, I loved you the minute I met you! And still do. Come move to Chicago. Puuuuhllleeeeeease! So many great women at Poppy’s, so little time! xo

  12. Jim Styro said:

    Hugs are awesome! I am all about hugging.
    And the “Blog for Peace. Not Swag” graphic in the Tellingdad video is priceless.

  13. Cassie said:

    You are too cute! I miss you already!

  14. The Dental Maven said:

    You are WORKIN’ that pink boa, Girl!!!!

  15. vodkamom said:

    can I gush???? Am i allowed to GUSH?????? I had more fun than i ever IMAGINED i would- and the fact that you called me tiny?


    I LOVE it. and you. and all the great friends we met………..

  16. Sprite's Keeper said:

    So in love with you after this weekend! If the three of us ever end up at the same event again, I’m calling roomies on both of you! Mwah!

  17. the peach tart said:

    I love the video. I’ll be there next year.

  18. Dana's Brain said:

    Paula Dean and Vodka Mom. Damn you!

    And, okay, also really happy you had such a great time!

    Hey! Which outfit did you wear to meet Carson?

  19. Middle-Aged-Woman said:

    Poor Fletch. I think we all feel like we know him because of Jen’s books. What a good sport! Kisses, dear. Can’t wait for BlissDom!

  20. JennyMac said:

    So glad you had such a blast and the pics are great.

  21. Petra aka The Wise (Young) Mommy said:

    Oh, Mary Anne. I hope that next year I can make you fall in love with me…

    Thank you for sharing your awesome Blogher experience!

  22. Connie @ Young and Relentless said:

    OMG!! You met and hugged on Fletch!! I’m so jealous!

  23. Carolyn Online said:

    That was a great blogher recap. I’m glad you had such a great time!

  24. Sprite's Keeper said:

    Got your message! You’re linked!

  25. Captain Dumbass said:

    Think I could get a grant from the Canadian gov’t to study blogging at BlogHer ‘10?

  26. ModernMom said:

    Wow! Great first hand account of BlogHer. I’m pretty new to this bloggy world and have quickly developed an addiction. Thanks for sharing! Off to check out the other blogs you rhymed off:)

  27. CK_Lunchbox said:

    It sounded like a wonderful time; those are really fun pictures. (Party City recalled all pink boas.) Next year I’m so there.

  28. foradifferentkindofgirl (fakdog) said:

    See? You clearly didn’t have time to even think about missing me and the fact that I was’t there! You were far too busy…and oh…my…the naked lady…wow…just…wow…

  29. Amo said:

    It’s a damn good thing you didn’t smother in there. Heh.

    I think your husband would approve of our love. We look good together. ;)

  30. the mayor said:

    I could feel it in my bones, that I was missing a good thing. I’ve met Mary Wyatt too here in MI, she’s really fun.

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