Did I Actually Say That?

Have you guys tried this yet? It’s Wordle and it is so fun…and slightly disturbing. Here’s mine from last night:

Wordle will go into your site and pull random words and make them into a fun scramble. If you don’t have a blog, you can go there and just type in a bunch of words (I did a family one with all of our names, descriptions and words I think describe us…very cute!) and see what comes back. You can arrange by font, shape, color…basically you create what they call your own “beautiful word cloud”. Or in my case, “tacky shit storm”.

I look at most of the words and I can tell you what post they came from and even in what context they were used. The one that gets me though is up at the top right…see that? The part that says “blow someone tiny”? I have to tell you, I just have no recollection of giving any type of sex advice for small people. Although I suppose anything is possible.

Go try it at www.wordle.net and then let me know if you are as demented as I apparently am!


  1. Robin said:

    You know, I think Wordle is really a dirty old man. I tried it and all sorts of sex stuff showed up too!

  2. Sprite's Keeper said:

    I thought Sprite would show up boldly, but it actually took second fiddle to words like actually. I need to stop saying actually, don’t I?

  3. Jenni Jiggety said:

    Can’t wait to hear what google brings your way as a result of this one!

  4. Peggy said:

    So cute! I did the lyrics to John Lennon’s Imagine and it was beautiful! (Kinda dorky…whatever!) Now…just to figure out where to put it!

  5. Dana's Brain said:

    Way cool! I don’t have time to try it now - but I definitely will later this afternoon. I’ll let you know what kind of sex advice pops up!! (heh. pops up.)

  6. Christina said:

    LOL @ a tacky shit storm. I’m gonna give this a try.

  7. Michelle said:

    That was so much fun! I think I might have to do it again sometime…

  8. tattooedminivanmom said:

    I don’t think you were talking about short people. If I were Mr. Stiletto, I’d be offended.

  9. rachel-asouthernfairytale said:

    So much fun!!! I love seeing people’s clouds ;-)
    and reading the words within

  10. The Dental Maven said:

    Am I the only computer-dunderhead that can’t get the frickin’ thing to work??? FOR THE LOVE OF PETE!!!!!

  11. Captain Dumbass said:

    Tiny people need love too.

  12. Cameron said:

    Mine is broke, there was no mention of boobs or girl on girl or beanbag rooms or anything.

  13. Gotchy said:

    Kind of lame!

  14. NGS said:

    It terrified me the first time I created a Wordle with my blog because apparently I use the word “like” an awful lot. The cloud lookd like (ha ha ha ha) just the word like with little words all around it. And the word baby. I don’t have a baby. Just an addiction to Baby Gap that I apparently talk A LOT about on my blog. Now I am afraid to type the word LIKE so I’m going to do it here as an outlet. Like, like, like, like, like. That was fun.

  15. bex said:

    that was fun! i posted mine too. thanks for sharing!

  16. Debbie said:

    I need to try it again. I can never get the Wordle picture bigger than a thumbnail.

  17. Michele said:

    The word cheese was pretty prominent in mine. You’d like it would have been wine.

  18. Cyndi said:

    I love it, too - tho I haven’t been brave enough to try a word blog post yet….funny to see what pops up for people (a little raunchy pun never hurt anyone, right?) Are the kids playing with it?? Happy week!

  19. Ally B said:

    I’ve actually tried that a couple times, and although mine is cute, it’s really hard to compete with Jenny from The Bloggess (that’s where I first found out about it).

    I like yours, too!

  20. Beth said:

    The tiny people of the world thank you kindly!

  21. foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog) said:

    My blog of late is all about cheese and my over abundant use of the word ‘actually.’ Actually (see?!), it’s a pretty accurate story of my life!

  22. Steenky Bee said:

    Although I whole heartedly agree with the Captain on this one, I must say tiny people who need love must be handled delicately. I’ve also heard that your to never look a tiny person directly in the eye. Wait, maybe that was a rabid dog. Never look a rabid dog in the eye. I’m not exactly sure what the protocol is for tiny people.

  23. Keely said:

    I tried the Wordle thing. It made me feel very unremarkable, so I kicked it in the shin and ran away.

  24. Sammanthia said:

    I’m totally doing this AND I’m going to post it. If people are offended I’m going to leave your website address. I just thought I should let you know iin case you start getting hate mail.;)

  25. Casey said:

    I’ve seen them before but have never tried it. Look at you with your dirty midget advice.

  26. Petra a.k.a. The Wise (Young) Mommy said:

    that’s awesome! I am off to try it. I am afraid mine will be really dirty though. It will probably just be “dildo” over and over again.

    LOL. Thanks cutie!

  27. Becky said:

    I love that site. I was obsessed for a while, I even blahgged about it: http://www.suburbanmatron.com/2008/07/fun-toy.html

    I think there are some nifty calendar/post card type thingies that could come out of wordle.

  28. Bobbi said:

    I just did mine and gave you the credit for it. Thanks for the laugh with yours(and mine!).

  29. Ellie said:

    But what does Wordle say about the tiny peoples’ blog?

  30. carrie said:

    Um, wondering if I really want to know what my wriddle is…..

  31. HeatherPride said:

    This looks awesome! I’m off to create!

  32. DeeMarie said:

    I’ll be trying it!! I know I get tons of advice off your site, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you imparted that wisdom at some point!!!

  33. Christine said:

    I have my kids type their weekly spelling words into Wordle. They like how it looks and it”s some spelling practice.

  34. Krystal said:

    Leave it to Mary Anne to offer sex advice for those who are vertically challenged. You think of it all don’t you?

    Oh, stop by my site! I got an award for you - you’re gonna love this one!

  35. Eastcoastfan said:

    You have such issues- blow someone tiny- LOLOLOL! Unforunately my dear, I have encountered a “tiny” member once or twice in my life and it ain’t pretty.

  36. MommyNamedApril said:

    i’ve done this and it only confirms that my blog is a bit on the ‘meh’ side. ah well. ;-)

  37. The Lawyer Mom said:

    Mary Anne, as soon as I’m untethered from my blackberry (new computer due to arrive any day) I’ll give this a try.

    It might explain why I’m getting so many weird google search hits. There is, apparently, an intense and immense interest in fruit roll-ups and sex. Who knew?

  38. Amysprite said:

    I just posted my Wordle word cloud today, too! It was a little too much fun playing with and I still am not entirely happy how mine looks. But if I describe it as a “tacky shit storm” then I am extremely happy with it! Thanks !!

  39. jessica said:

    I’m on my way over there but I will guarantee you the most popular word in mine is ‘any’ as in I’m not getting any

  40. Scary Mommy said:

    OK, I spent WAY too long playing with that. Thanks a ton. ;)

  41. Carolyn...Online said:

    That’s so cool. I’m not sure why you’re blowing only the tiny people… but I’m not judging.

  42. Bebe said:

    LOL. I just found your blog. This post made me really laugh! And I tried wordle, too–Yes, I am as demented as you are…

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