Merry Christmas To Me!

It’s happening. I’m finally doing it. That tidy little sum of money I won in a bet around the beginning of November? I’m spending it tomorrow. So many great suggestions from you guys on what to buy…I considered them all! I thought about spreading it out and buying some cute outfits but then I thought about the one thing I really wanted, and have dreamed about having for years, that I would never ever, ever never buy for myself and realized I had just enough money to pull it off.

But I’m not going to tell you what it is.

You have to guess.

Be the first to decode this and you will win….well you won’t win anything but I’ll give you a public shout out tomorrow on my blog with linky love just for being so damn smart.

hniasrtci oituusobnl

Go ahead…guess!

PS: Oh, and East Coast Fan? Since you already know do me a favor and don’t answer the question!!! I love you but I will fly to CT and hunt you down if you mess with me!


  1. Mary Anne said:

    ECF: FAIL!!!!!! Wrong answer. But thanks for keeping my secret.

  2. goodfather said:


  3. MommyNamedApril said:

    i don’t know and IT’S KILLING ME!

  4. pamela from the dayton time said:

    Almost first!
    I didn’t drink enough Ovaltine to get my Little Orphan Annie Decoder Ring in the mail. Drat!

  5. Mama Dawg said:

    christian louboutin


  6. Mama Dawg said:

    Oh, shit. Now I gotta come up with a post for tomorrow.

  7. goodfather said:

    Oops, forgot to mention I can’t figure out the scramble. I’ll check back to see what it is…

  8. Momma Trish said:

    I got the “christian” part … but I must admit that I’ve never even heard of “christian louboutins”. I hang my head in shame.

  9. Mama Dawg said:

    Oh, and finally! Reading US and People obsessively finally paid off!

  10. Sarah said:

    Ahhhh shoes I am jealous! My shoes come from Target! ; )Have fun shopping!

  11. Sammanthia said:

    If you would have scrambled Jimmy Choos I might have guessed that.

  12. Captain Dumbass said:

    Men get screwed in the nice shoe department. And hand bags.


  13. Amy said:

    I am so jealous -I would (almost) kill for a pair of Louboutins. *sigh*

  14. Robin said:

    Again…. not fast enough with the comment love! Damn you Mama Dawg! (And good for you! LOL!)
    You MUST post pix of this fab purchase. Can’t wait to see which ones you get!

  15. Rachel said:

    too late as always. I knew immediately what it was ;-(

    poor me. But yea!! you!!!

  16. lea said:

    I got Christian right away… never heard of those shoes though, mine are from walmart and payless. heh.

    Have fun shopping!!

  17. Keely said:

    Hm. I was going to guess ‘boob job’, but I couldn’t figure out how you’d scrambled into all those letters. Good thing those other people guessed it right first - I wouldn’t want to look silly.

  18. DCD said:

    I’m too late for the word scrabble…but I’m PSYCHED for YOU!!

    You will be posting pictures, right?

  19. Cyndi said:

    I should have cheated and read the comments…I tried to make it a cryptogram LOL Can’t wait to see the posh pix!

  20. carrie said:

    never heard of them……… out of my league…..
    I wear born, llbean, columbia and lauren.

  21. Julie said:

    I knew it right away but am just looking at this site ! Yes, have heard of them and I knew that’s what you would buy! The shoes!

  22. Cameron said:

    Is it a toaster? ;)

  23. Cameron said:

    Oh, and by the way, I think a sufficient amount of time has past, and you should tell us exactly what you had to do to win this money. Come on….did you do the most drunken table dances? Shave your head? Streak the neighborhood?

  24. Mary Anne said:

    @Cameron: I will never ever tell what the bet was…but….I’ve been known to dance on tables for free so that’s not it. I still have all my hair and streaking the neighborhood could cause hysterical blindness…and I do not need the headache of a lawsuit for that. The bet did not involve sex, nudity, property destruction, public stupidity, or anything public for that matter. It was a bet on celebrities….and I’ll leave it at that. :)

  25. bex said:

    i bet that the bet was about angelina getting pregnant again - oh no, it must have about jennifer aniston getting pregnant - wait, maybe it was about Brittany’s tell all on MTV… hold on a second - i have my OWN life to obsess about in an unhealthy way.

  26. Sasha said:

    AAAAK! Shoes with a red sole!!!!

  27. blissfully caffeinated said:

    So, I was going to try and decode the clue, but to be honest I’ve had a glass of wine and, well, there’s no way. But it looks like some sober smart people did figure it out and OMG! You are getting some Christian Louboutin stilettos??!! Are you getting the classic nude stiletto pump? I am so jealous. Not that I have anywhere to wear Louboutin’s or that anyone here would know the difference between Louboutin’s and Nine West, but still. Jealous.

  28. Beth said:

    I love their red soles! Good choice.

  29. Lisa said:

    Post a pic of the ones you’re getting! Great choice.

  30. Cathy said:

    What a festive treat for yourself! Good for you. Wear ‘em proudly.

  31. Connie @ Young and Relentless said:

    I. LOVE. YOU! I mean, I love those shoes. Someday…I will have a pair but it will probably be when I am 90 years old and I’m watching fish in the nursing home aquarium but all the old ladies will be jealous of me.

  32. DeeMarie said:

    I totally would have not guessed it right away… which is sad. I should’ve known that!!!

    Enjoy your amazing Louboutins!!

  33. justsomethoughts said:

    the captain is right. us guys are at a distinct disadvantage. next time maybe scramble a power tool or two…

  34. Krystal said:

    Don’t know who that shoe designer is but if you have waited so long for a pair and have “enough” money then they must be fancy! LUCKY YOU!!!

  35. Jim said:

    Shoes? You? I’m shocked ;)

  36. Becky said:

    You Lucky Lou! I cannot wait to see pictures. You’ll have Oprah feet!

  37. NGS said:

    I saw that you also donated some of that money to Rude Cactus’s donation to Fisher House. Rock on!!

  38. Lawyer Mom said:

    Boy was I way off. I thought it was something like _________ botulinous — some fancy latin word for botox. I have no idea who this Christian shoe guy is, but I’m glad he excites you.

  39. foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog) said:

    Oh, there better be photos from all angles of those red-soled beauties!

  40. Casey said:

    So I showed up too late in the game and the cool kids already figured it out. Congrats on winning the cash, I love free money! Enjoy the new shoes!

  41. Braja said:

    Too easy on the Christians, but of course I’m too late. Crap. It’s ok, I still like you.

  42. Braja said:

    Wait…this is my first comment here, so that probably sounded weird…

    I’ve been reading you on Heinous’s site for ages. I’m slow…

  43. the mayor said:

    Holy shit Lolita, you are after some Christian Lolita shoes. Merry Christmas INDEED. Shouldn’t have taken me 20 minutes to figure that out. One of my daughters worked in a high end shoe store, that is the only reason I knew what they were.

  44. the mayor said:

    Holy shit Lolita, you are after some Christian Louboutin shoes. A VERY Merry Christmas INDEED. Shouldn’t have taken me 20 minutes to figure that out. One of my daughters worked in a high end shoe store, that is the only reason I knew what they were.
    I hope you’ll bring them to the Colorado gathering so we can all be so jealous.

  45. Sprite's Keeper said:

    I knew the first word immediately. The last one I couldn’t guess. Which is why I shop at Payless. I understand BOGO, not Louboutin. ( Please note, I said I shop there, not that I have taste. Apparently, there’s a difference.)

  46. maggie, dammit said:

    Oooh oohhho ohohohoh ohohooh!

    Christian Louboutin pumps!

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