This is what I’m doing today. Care to join me?

Buried today making the world a better place by trying to convince people like you to buy things you don’t need. See you guys tomorrow!


  1. Captain Dumbass said:

    I love buying stuff I don’t need! Thank you, Stiletto

  2. Kat said:

    Who says I don’t NEED one more pair of shoes?

  3. Beth said:

    It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it!

  4. jenboglass(steenky bee) said:

    Honey, I would buy anything you had to offer. That sounded slightly sexual and a little inappropriate. You’re welcome.

  5. Jim said:

    Oh, I thanks for reminding me that I need more Crown Royal.

  6. Mary Anna said:

    I’m the queen of buying stuff I don’t need - just ask my hubby! Thanks for keeping my pocketbook open!

  7. blissfully caffeinated said:

    I am highly suggestible and love buying stuff I don’t need. So thanks!

  8. anna said:

    Tell me what to buy and I’ll buy it.

    Conspicuous Consumer

  9. DCD said:

    Must buy what Stiletto Mom says…..

    I am under the spell of your someecard! (I love that site!)

  10. Mary Anne said:

    Ok, if you guys really want to help me….today I am having a tough time with my Mastercard and BMW accounts. So…if you don’t mind, whip out your MasterCard at your closest dealership, spring for a 5 series, and tell them I sent ya. If you have that much money, you may want to consider purchasing one for me as well…it’s a thought anyway, a thought I love. :)


  11. Mary Anne said:

    PS: Where the hell is Vodka Mom? I haven’t seen her in two days and I’m starting to worry….

  12. CK Lunchbox said:

    I fall for that kind of stuff all the time, timeshares, alpaca farms, pyramid schemes… advertising ruined me every time.

  13. margie said:

    Hey, it’s only ruined when the ad makes me NOT want to buy whatever it is (Garnier Fructis)

  14. Ann said:

    Oh I LOVE SomeEcards! (My niece showed me the site to help me feel young and hip. That little whipper-snapper!)

  15. vodkamom said:

    If it starts with a “v” I might just be tempted. :-)

  16. Tattooed Minivan Mom said:

    I knew it was a conpiracy!

    What the hell’s a SomeEcard?

    That’s a wonderful story you left in my comments. (not the part where you cry)

    Cash? What’s cash?

  17. Mary Anne said:

    Vodka Mom: did you see I was sorta freakin’ a few hours ago? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??? Please don’t leave me for two days again…I was hittin’ the scotch and scratchin’ my head worrying. :)

    Tattooed: Story? All true and I never forgot it. SomeECards… Best. Greeting. Cards. Evah.

  18. blissfully caffeinated said:

    Hi Stiletto Mom, I’m participating in Ann’s GNO, and came by to comment (again).

    I love SomeEcards, but have you ever seen blue barnhouse cards? They are naughty, and hilarious.

    Have a great weekend, Lady!


  19. Scary Mommy said:

    Those are my favorite e-cards ever. I go there and laugh and laugh!

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