I’ll Be Here…You Will Not

…or maybe you will be. If you are, please be sure to stop by and say hello! I’ll be the one passed out in the cabana by the pool you see above. If you do find me, and manage to do so while I’m passed out and drooling, please take a picture and share it with everyone, because I will deserve it.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be strutting my stuff in Cabo.

In no particular order, here are my plans:
Eat too much
Laugh until I cry
Love my husband
Make fun of men wearing speedos on the beach
Look for Aloe Vera for sunburn
Miss my children (at least a little bit)
Read Candace Bushnell’s new book
Not wearing a bikini
Avoid work like the plague
Attempt to avoid blog-stalking all of you
Fail at above
Catch up on one year of Mad Men on iTunes
Talk too much
Dance on tables
Forgive huband for making me stop dancing on tables
Sing. Off Key. Loudly.
Build sand castles
…and then I may drink some more.

While I’m off acting the fool in Mexico I’ve got some great guest bloggers stopping by to entertain you with their travel stories. I’d like to thank each of them…these five were some of my earliest friends and helped me to get my blog off the ground. If you are looking for something entertaining to do today, go visit them….Anna at abdpbt, HeatherPride at Riding The Short Bus, Jim…y’all my know him as Heinous over at Irregularly Periodic Ruminations, Jen from Steenky Bee and Ann from Ann Again…And Again. Be sure to stop by over the next few days…their stories are great!

You guys have a great week, see you next Wednesday!


  1. Katie said:

    I am sooo jealous of you. I so need a vacation. Hope you have a great one! SOOO JEALOUS!!!

  2. HeatherPride said:

    Right on, sister!! Party like a rock star! I am officially requesting a photo story post of all the bad Speedos you see out there!

    Have fun!

  3. Beth said:

    Cheers to you. Enjoy Cabo where “The Office” is actually a restaurant and (mostly) bar in the sand, on the beach!

  4. Tuesday said:

    Bitch! I am super jealous. Can’t I hide in your suitcase?

  5. Jim said:

    Still jealous here too. I’m still managing to wish you an awesome time though. I think I’ll call the pope and demand sainthood for that single fact…

  6. CK Lunchbox said:

    Hmm, sounds like the agenda at both political parties’ national conventions.

    Have fun. I’ll drink tequila in a toast to you and your hubby’s week of fun.

  7. Ann said:

    Laugh heartily at the Speedo-wearing-men for me too! And point! (Don’t forget to point.)
    I’ll miss you!

  8. blissfully caffeinated said:

    I’m writhing with envy right now. I grudgingly wish you a fun trip.

  9. foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog) said:

    That trip sounds like perfection. I’d tell you to enjoy yourself, but I think you’ve got the groundwork laid for that already!

  10. margie said:

    Although my jealous body will be here in Portland, OR, avoiding the piles of dishes and laundry and hauling the kids to and fro- I will be there with you, making fun of guys in speedos at least in spirit (or my dreams anyway)

  11. vodkamom said:

    I am SO goddamned jealous right now I am SURE I am green. I look like the Grinch’s wife. crap. oh well, have a good time and we’ll pray no hurricanes come your way!!

  12. Captain Dumbass said:

    I hate you. I’m going to go wander around my house drinking in a speedo now. Not to pretend I’m in Cabo. It’s just what I do. Just wanted to say I hate you.

  13. jenboglass (steenkybee) said:

    Girlfriend. I am jealous. I don’t hate you like Old Dirty Dumbass above me. (God I hope by the time I finish this comment that no one has sneaked in between me and The Captain because if it’s not him above me then that random person will be all, “Who is she calling Old Dirty Dumbass?”

    If I learned anything from watchiing Laguna Beach, it’s two things. 1) You will regret table dancing, and 2) You will regret watching Laguna Beach even more.

    I will miss you. Love you. Mean it.

  14. jenboglass (steenkybee) said:

    ) I forgot to add this close parenthesis above. I always misuse them and quotation marks, “always”.

    I may be commenting while a little tipsy. Drunkmenting or something like that. Who the hell knows.

  15. Mary Anne said:

    A few comments here: To all of my sweet and wonderful bloggy friends, thank you for the nice wishes.
    A few standouts here need to be addressed personally:
    Clark Kent: I’m waiting right now for the party to break out between Biden and Palin. In a swimsuit contest, smart money is on Palin. Same in a tequilla drinking contest.
    Jim: If you get the pope on the hook, give me a shout out too.
    Vodka Mom: If you look like the Grinch’s wife…please take a picture to scare that little dude forging notes in Kindergarten…you will be saving him and his family a lot of grief going forward. Plus, I need to see what you look like if you actually are green.
    Tuesday? Bitch, get on a plane and get into my suitcase pronto. The X-ray won’t kill ya and you need a few drinks with all the stuff you having going on…it’s on me!
    Jen: Drunkmenting needs to be entered into the dictionary. Like now. If you do it, please be sure to say something REALLY unfortunate. It’s the only way.
    Captain Dumbass: Dude, if you are going to prance your business around in a speedo in Canada where it’s already cold I have one word for you. Webcam. And Shrinkage. Wait, thats two words. Whatever.

  16. Octamom said:

    Hope you have a fab time–I’ll try to be happy for you….;o)

    Glad you enjoyed the display of my amazing hairdressing skills over at my place today!


  17. Captain Dumbass said:

    It’s a bear-skin speedo. Warmer than you’d think.

  18. Kat said:

    Have fun in Cabo! Have a drink for me.

    Nice choices on guest bloggers by the way!

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